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Clause 1

Throughout the competition shall reign absolute sportsmanship, always respecting the other participants, judgesthe organization and the public in general. It should keep in mind that although this is a competition, it cannot stop being a game that rewards the skills and ingenuity of the participants.

Clause 2

Contest Objective: The objective of the contest is that college students who are learning to develop applications and games for mobile devices, and have no professional experience, have the opportunity to continue their learning by performing an entire project to be publicly exposed to other students , teachers and businesses.

Clause 3

Ability to compete: Participation in the contest both Spanish citizens and nationals of the Member States of the European Union or nationals of those States to International Treaties exist under the European Community ratified by Spainprovided that they are older of age, and college students, grade student or master in a university, or have been within the last year. The organization reserves the right to refuse participation if it is not related to the objectives of the competition, previously explained.

Clause 4

Groups: people can participate alone or join as a group with a maximum of three members.

Clause 5

Is a necessary condition for participation in the contest the registration fee in the time specified.

Clause 6

Registration model: In the registration model, participants must indicate clearly the platform that intend compete with the commitment, in each case, they will abide by the general and specific rules for.

Clause 7

Explaining video: Participants must deliver their projects with a video of 3-8 minutesand a maximum of 60 Mb which shows the use of each one of the screens or scenes from the application, and the navigation between them. For a game, must show a game in which the highlights appear of the game and make it clear how to play, plus menus and any other relevant factor. The audio of the video must be accompanied by the participant's voice explaining what is being displayed at all times and how the application works.

To record the video capturing the emulator screen is recommended to use the trial version of Camtasia Studio software, downloadable from http://www.techsmith.com/camtasia.html, using the export function to compress the video and export it to a file that holds a maximum of 60Mb.

You can also record the video with digital camera when the presentation will be made with a real device instead of the emulator. In this case it is recommended to set the camera on a tripod so that always points to the device.

Regardless of the mechanism used for recording, the video should be able to play with the free player VideoLAN, which can be downloaded at this link http://www.videolan.org/. Any video that does not meet this condition, it is not valid to evaluate the project.

Clause 8

Poster advertising: Participants must deliver their projects with a poster of A3 size to be used to advertise your application or game during the event.

Clause 9

Method of delivery: The project is developed must provide the evaluation committee with a proper platform in a ZIP file. This file will include the draft application source code (project from Visual Studio, Eclipse or XCode), the required video and image file of the poster. It also must submit a copy of the poster in A3 size.

The ZIP file should contain the following directories:

Note: In no case shall include software development (emulators, IDE, etc.). In the case necessary add a directory with other content, you will be given the name "other". The total compressed file never exceed 100Mb. We recommend cleaning the project source code before compressing to not include any executable.

As an alternative way to deliver video, it can be uploaded to YouTube and attach a text document with the public at the same URL.

Clause 10

Quality Filter: All submissions will be subject to a quality filter made ​​by the evaluation committee. Any project may be rejected to go to the next stages of the competition if it exceeds some minimum quality or if it is detected that has not been fully developed by the participant (except for reasonable use of libraries and similar).

Clause 11

Presentation to the evaluation committee: All participants whose projects pass the quality filter will have to present their projects to the evaluation committee two days before the conclusion of the contest. The exhibition will consist of a short presentation of between 8 and 12 minutes that explains the highlights of the project, with possible questions from the committee. You can prepare the same presentation to Clause 12. Based on this exposure and material delivered to the project, the evaluation committee will select the best projects to publicly expose the finals.

Clause 12

Public exposure: Participants selected by the evaluation committee to present their project at the end of the contest, will make a short presentation (the same as before the evaluation committee, or a different) and expose it to the students, teachers and companies invited to the event . Based on this presentation will select contest winners by guest companies. It is therefore recommended to prepare an exhibition will highlight all technical and commercial strengths of the project in a pleasant and for a general audience.

Special clause: foreign participants

Participants invited to participate from outside Spain, whose projects exceed the quality filter of Clause 10, may make presentations of Clause 11 and 12 off-line through a video.

This video must be delivered on will last for 8 to 12 minutes and a maximum size of 100Mb, and otherwise be governed by the same rules as in Section 7. If desired various videos can be used in each of presentations, although not necessary.

The delivery of video presentations will take place apart from the rest of the project, between 23 and 24 january. The organization contacted on january 23 with foreign participants to inform them of the mechanism that will be used to deliver video.

Once delivered, the organization will contact participants by email to let them get questions about their projects, and the results of each one of the stages of the competition once these have occurred.

Additionally, these participants are exempt from the delivery of printed poster.

Special clause: Premios Windos Phone

Participants who wish to opt for the final prize with Windows Phone must upload your app or game to Microsoft App Hub with intent to overcome the validation process, making effectively the upload at the latest on the day of delivery of the work. When delivering the project documentation should include the Live ID you have used to upload the application.

Participants that are awarded must exceed that validation process before they can receive their prize, or commit in writing to do so within one month, after authorization by the competition organizers. If the day of the awards this fact has not yet occurred, receive a token prize that can be redeemed for the ultimate prize once they have passed the validation process.

To facilitate the upload process this guide can help you.

Shall be exempt from this provision those participants who already have some app or game published and available for download from the Windows Phone Marketplace, except for the need to indicate your Live ID in project documentation.